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Attractions Hunedoara

Visitors in Hunedoara County

For those who love adventure, history and leisure in a totally different way, Hotel Krystal invites you to discover a part of beautiful Transylvania - with complex civilization, attracting explorers for centuries.

Come in the heart of old Transylvania to have fun, to discover untouched and wild places, legends and Transylvanian color explosion. We offer you a different kind of tourism, tourism that combines hiking, entertainment, visiting the historical sites and aso the wilderness part of Transylvania. Most of the places are not accessible for unprepared cars for such roads and trails in remote areas of civilization and full of history and untouched traditions for hundred years.

For all this activities, Hotel Krystal and his partner - Discover Transylvania comes to you with packages for a day or a weekend. Our 4x4 cars are specially prepared for this kind of expeditions. With this kind of activities, Hotel Krystal wants to make your stay more enjoyable.

Thank you and please take full advantage of our activities.
For informations please call at: +40752161185

Hunedoara county is one of the most important touristical area from Romania, with a variety of natural touristic objectives, historical important objectives, cultural and social:
• Hunedoara: the imposing Castle of Corvin Family, one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the south-eastern part of Europe
• Deva (the capital of Hunedoara county): The Citadell
• Cincis Lake: an accumulation lake in Poiana Rusca mountains, situated at 10 km distance from Hunedoara
• Hateg: Bisons Reservation
• Retezat Mountains: from Hateg the tourists can go on trip in Retezat Mountains, a natural reservation where you can see animals, plants and trees all protected by law
• The ruins of Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa: the capital of Roman Dacia, almost the most important touristic objective
• Prislop Monastery (1404)
• Orastie: here are the ruins of Dacian Citadells: Sarmizegetusa Regia, Costesti Citadell(18 km from Orastie city), Blidaru Citadell(4 km from Orastie city)
• Geoagiu Bai Resort: a mineral spring Resort opened all over the year
• Brad: the interesting Golden Museum
• Tebea: a real sanctuary for people who live in Apuseni mountains, here is the holm of Horea and the monument of Avram Iancu
• Jiu Valley: is surrounded by Retezat, Parang and Surianu Mountains and it’s an important touristic area especially for those who enjoy the mountains
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